Want to increase your number of bookings —and your revenue?

"I thought my old booking system was good. When I saw BookingCentral I realized that everything can be so much easier. So I switched."

"I noticed I had fewer cancellations when I started using the Quote feature. Customers like getting all the charges laid out clearly."

"We love how the Calendar feature makes it so easy to be in control of our inventory and have flexibility with pricing and rental times."

"The Integrated Text Messaging feature saves me 2 hours of my day, every day!"

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Run All Your Rentals, Tours & Activities Through Our Calendar

Running a business just got a whole lot simpler. The Calendar provides a global view of all your reservations. With drag and drop functionality, what use to take minutes to change now takes seconds with BookingCentral.


Change Units + Dates With Drag and Drop

For rental bookings, you can easily move a booking from one rental unit to another. Stay organized and be nimble without wasting precious time jumping in and out of different screens. Manage it all, easily, on the Master Calendar.
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Change Start & Finish Times of Bookings

Easily change and update the times your reservations begin and finish, and slide them from one day to another all from the same Master Calendar screen. Go from day to week to month view with a single click.
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Communication: Automated

BookingCentral keeps you and your customers fully informed and engaged from the first click.

Automated Order Confirmation

Text Message Reminders

Follow Up Ratings Requests

Broadcast Message Center