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Cool As Your Activities

BookingCental is the newest, most modern and most versatile tour booking and ticketing platform on the market.

A Beautiful Checkout For Your Website

The BookingCentral checkout flow integrates easily with your existing website.

Instantly upgrade how your customers book your special tours. The BookingCentral checkout flow is designed to increase conversions and per visit revenue.

Manage Your Tours and Activities Like a Pro

We redesigned everything and made the most user friendly master calendar available on the market. Need to move a tour? Just drag and drop. BookingCentral automatically notifies your customers that the schedule has changed.
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Power Private Tours & Activities

Whether you already offer private excursions or want to be able to turn on this powerful revenue driver, BookingCentral can easily handle any type of private tour or activity.

Whichever type of public tour or activity you offer can be public, private, or both, and you can easily add different variations of group tickets. Let customers who want to bring their own group choose to book a private offering for them and their friends.

Options Galore for Increased Revenues

We've thought of everything you need to run a successful tour business. From Add-ons and Custom Fields to Promotions and Vouchers, BookingCentral gives you options to customize and configure the setup your way.

Change Start & Finish Times of Bookings

The BookingCentral checkout flow integrates easily with your existing website.

Easily change and update the times your reservations begin and finish, and slide them from one day to another all from the same Master Calendar screen. Go from day to week to month view with a single click.
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All The Tools You Need To Accelerate Your Business

Private Tour Options

Ability to offer a private tour option for all your tours. If a party wants to book a private tour and there is availability, then they can choose it at checkout. Create custom private tour pricing to accommodate for the exclusive service.

Custom Pricing

Numerous pricing options including individual pricing for different categories (adults, children, seniors), group pricing, private tour flat fee, and volume pricing. In addition, option to set rules per pricing category such as discounted and spectator tickets.

Guide Management

Easily add and manage your guides. Assign them to your tour and activities, and send them notifications via email or text when they are assigned to a tour. View guide assignment for the day via the Dashboard.

Master Calendar

The master calendar will allow you to easily see each day’s availabilities. Filter the calendar to quickly see what tours are booked or have spots available. Click on any day to book a tour for a customer. If you need to change a tour time or length for just one day, drag and drop capability on the calendar allows you to do that in a flash.


Use Add-ons to upsell customers’ additional items to enhance their tour experiences, such as a photo package or GoPro rental.  Customize the pricing of add-ons to charge per person, per booking, or custom pricing (hourly, daily).

Automatic Voucher Creation

Create automatic voucher codes for a canceled tour. Offer the voucher for a future visit instead of a refund to save you refund fees and secure future business.

Automated Email Notification
The system is equipped with ready to go emails to send to your customers as soon as they book. In addition, keep the communication going with Reminder and Thank You emails. Customize the emails with added information, directions, waiver links, and your important policies.
Promotions and Discounts
Setup promotion codes and offer special discounts to customers. Advertise the code on your website, and guests can use the code to apply the discount at checkout.

Booking Minimums

Ensure your tour time slots are booked adequately to run the tour. Setup booking minimums so you are maximizing your earnings for each activity.


Learn How To Level Up Your Tour Business

Running a tour and activity company is complicated - that's why we wrote the guide on how to make it run seamlessly. Learn how to increase revenue via private tours, how to leverage the power of promotions and electronic waivers, and how to keep your customers and tour guides happy. Along the way gain tips and tactics for creating content that captures conversions...and so much more.

Loved By Your Customers

The elegant booking calendar will make your customers love you and the smooth booking process. We carefully designed every step of the process to make it easy for your customers to make bookings.

Loved By Our Customers

Tour operators are thrilled that they can offer both group and private tours. The setup removes any manual work and gives their customers the choice during checkout. Tours can be customized and easily modified through the master calendar quickly and efficiently to maximize earnings.
"Thanks to BookingCentral, we have been able to drive higher conversions and revenue by allowing private tours to be bookable."
- Walking + Wine Tour Business Owner

Communications: Automated

BookingCentral keeps you and your customers fully informed and engaged from the first click.

Discover a Simpler Way To Run Your Business

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