he busy season will be here before you know it! To help you get ready, we'd like to share 4 of our best time-saving tips with you:

Time-Saving Tip #1: Send price quotes to potential customers through your booking system.

Why it works:  The customer can respond directly to the online quote and won’t have to call you back to make the booking. And since you can easily see all the open quotes you've sent, you can follow up with anyone who doesn't confirm online.

Time-Saving Tip #2: Use Text Broadcasting to quickly communicate with customers.

Why it works: Let's say you have 45 renters out on the lake and a thunderstorm is approaching fast. BookingCentral's Text Broadcast feature lets you send all the renters an alert, asking them to come back to the dock immediately. The feature automatically lists the renters that are out, so all you have to do is write your message and hit send. This takes way less time than copy-pasting the message to each renter using your own phone. Bonus: Text Broadcasting also lets you send messages to future renters, so if you want to warn tomorrow’s customers to leave extra time to account for bumper-to-bumper traffic, you can do that in just a few steps.

Time-Saving Tip #3: Spend less time training your seasonal staff.

The Check In/Check Out feature is intuitive to use, even for new employees. You don’t need to spend a lot of time training them.

Why it works: It keeps everybody on the same page and since everything is logged, you can see who did what, and when.

Time-Saving Tip #4: Track time and/or mileage directly in your booking system.

Why it works: Keep your fleet in top shape and avoid having to deal with big headaches in the middle of the busy season. How? With an exciting new feature that we're launching later this month. It will let you track time/mileage of all your resources (boats, vehicles, etc.), either as part of Check In/Check Out, or as part of a daily or weekly routine.

If you're interested in learning more about these features, or if you have requests for new features that will make doing business easier for you, reach out to us at team@bookingcentral.com—we would love to hear from you.

If you'd like to see these features and more in action, request a demo at a time that's most convenient for you. If you choose to use BookingCentral as your booking platform, we can have you and your team up to speed before the customer stampede!

Mar 6, 2023
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