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Excellent customer service is what we are all looking forward when we are paying for a service such as a rental, tour, or activity. We want to feel confident that we made the right choice with our time and money. Customer service plays a huge factor in a customer's satisfaction, and knowing this means that you need to create a welcoming environment for all people that walk through the door.

Let's dive into ways to provide top notch service to your customers if you are in the rental, tour or activity industry.

Welcome with a Smile: Greeting your customers with a smile goes a long way. A smile not only is a physical expression, but it also communicates an attitude and state of mind of the employee. It sets the tone for the interaction, and invites the customer to do the same. Don't underestimate the power of this expression and the effect it can have on your customers. This along with a a great experience with your service will be the reason customers return year after year and tell their friends. This is the ultimate goal for your rental or activity business, isn't it?

Check In - Be Prepared: Renting out equipment such as boats, jeeps, kayaks, or jet skis often means that you have to go through a check in process when they arrive to pick up their rental. Using BookingCentral's Check In feature gets you prepared and ready for their arrival. Renters are excited for their activity, so will be thrilled that you are prepared with the necessary paperwork, checklist, and payment procedures on the spot. The preparedness will get them off to enjoy their experience.

Check Out - Be Available: After their experience or rental, having an employee at the return site shows customers you are on top of each and every booking. This will be a great time to close out the reservation with your Check out procedures. When you use the BookingCentral feature, you can designate a check out checklist when the rental is returned, assess any damage or issues with the rental, take care of any final payments such as fuel charges, and even allow the customer to add a tip onto the final bill to thank the employee for great service. 

Follow Up - Be Proactive: Great customer service doesn't end when they walk out the door (or off the dock!). Your goal in the industry to be able to welcome customers back year after year. Following up with customers after their activity as well as throughout the year will keep you on their mind. Consider these tasks to be proactive with keeping your customers engaged throughout the year:

  • Ask for Feedback or a Review - BookingCentral offers a automated review text that is sent 1 hour after they leave. You can get immediate feedback from customers, and be able to thank them and respond to all feedback quickly.
  • Send them a thank you with a promotion - Send an thank you email after their visit and include a discount code in the email for a future visit. This type of incentive is a great way to get repeat customers. Bookings made in BookingCentral will automatically send this email to your customers after they leave, and the emails can be customized to include a discount code.

Key Takeaway - Great customer service is important to your successful business, no question about it. Customers will return to your business over a competitor if they've had a great experience. Being excellent at customer service means that your business goes above and beyond meeting the basic requests of your customers. BookingCentral partners with you to provide the tools to be ready and able to provide that top notch service that your customers deserve.

Reach out to our team of friendly experts today to learn more about these features and more. We're waiting to greet you with a smile. :)


Sep 22, 2021
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