e all know that using a digital waiver for your rentals and activities is a smart business decision.  Waivers serve as protection for you when you are renting out expensive watersport equipment, or providing a guided activity such as parasailing or an escape room.  Your customers need to know the terms and liability for choosing the activity, and waivers are the best way to relay that information to customers.

Nowadays, to ensure the least amount of contact with customers, digital waivers are key. It removes the need to hand your renters a paper copy of your contract or waiver, and saves time when a customer is arriving for their activity.

There are many options for digital waivers on the market today, so taking the time to review options is important. One of the biggest features that will be important is that the waiver software can integrate with your booking software. This makes for seamless booking experience for your customers as well as for managing your bookings through the booking platform. To have all the important details about the customer's booking including the signed waiver will enable you to check in customers quickly and efficiently on the date of their activity.

A popular waiver program, Smartwaiver, is an excellent option for taking your contracts and agreements paperless. They provide an easy to setup and robust system at an affordable price.

Using a booking system, like BookingCentral, allows you to integrate Smartwaiver into the platform. It will keep track of all waivers signed on a booking, and keeps all the necessary paperwork organized for easy reference if an issue arises.

With the Smartwavier integration, the bookings system will:

  • Automatically send an email to ALL participants in the group. ¬†The booking checkout allows a customer to enter all participant information with an email address or phone number, and once booked, the system will send a text or email with instructions on signing the waiver to each participant.
  • Instantly display from the booking system when each participant signs the waiver. Seeing clearly on the booking that waivers are signed or missing will make it easy for any employee to take action. ¬†The booking platform includes a quick and efficient way to send the waiver to additional participants with a button on the booking.
Waiver Details on Booking Order
  • Provide Visibility to guides or employees the status of each waiver. Clearly show to a guide or employee that all waivers have been signed from the booking, so the check-in process is quick and seamless. ¬†Online waivers are signed prior to arrival, so no need to request an early arrival for paperwork anymore.
Waiver Signed on Booking Order

Not a current BookingCentral customer? Get ready for your busy season by partnering with BookingCentral to manage your reservations. We provide a user friendly, easy to setup booking system and online calendar that will delight your customers. Reach out to our experts today to learn more.

Feb 3, 2021
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