ne of the more important ways to improve your business is by automating your Check In/ Check Out process. Whether you have 10 rentals or 100 rentals, 1 location or 10 locations, a well-defined process will ensure that all your personnel follow the same steps for each and every rental.

The automated Check In / Check Out speeds up the process and reduces manual errors, so your customers get the same great service experience every time.

As an added benefit, all tasks are stored electronically with the order. The Check In / Check Out history can help you fight damage disputes and it may even help if you’re ever faced with a lawsuit from a renter.

BookingCentral’s updated Check In / Check Out module is not only easier to use, but it is also more customizable than any of the other systems on the market.

Let’s take a look at what it can do for you.

What does the Check In / Check Out do?

With the Check In / Check Out module, you can automate all your tasks. From the most common steps:

  • Verify waivers for each person
  • Safety instruction
  • Damage Deposit Authorization
  • Pictures or video of rental unit(s)
  • Checklist items (life jackets, fuel level, oil level, fire extinguishers etc)

To more specialized steps:

  • Add-on upsell (Tubes, Go-Pro cameras, Fuel Package, Coolers, etc.)
  • Renter’s Insurance (required for boat rental operators in the State of Florida)
  • Rental agreement & customer signatures
  • Gratuity
  • Damage Reporting
  • Vessel hours/vehicle mileage

The steps and order you want in your Check In or Check Out is easy to customize - we’ll show you how below.

Electronic Pre-Rental Safety Attestation Form


Keep Everything In Sync

The real beauty of BookingCentral’s Check In / Check Out module is the integration to the booking platform. Additional sales or changes made during Check In or Check Out are automatically reflected back to the original booking.

For example, you have a customer who decides to add a Go-Pro package while at the dock. No need to send the customer back to the office. Simply select the add-on button and choose the Go-Pro package. The booking is immediately updated with add-on, and the order balance is updated accordingly.

You can charge the balance directly to the card that was used to make the booking or you can charge the balance to a different card. When the customer gets a receipt, it will include the complete order including the add-ons.

The powerful integration covers more than just add-ons. Virtually everything you do during Check In or Check Out are reflected back to the order, including waivers, pictures/videos, damage deposits, agreements, etc.

Track Damage and Fleet Usage

The Check In / Check Out module is fully integrated into the Fleet Management System. This is a powerful feature if you have more than a handful of rental units.

  • When you Check In a customer, the system will automatically warn you if the rental unit has open issues or damage that needs to be addressed. You will also be alerted if the rental unit is due for service.
  • During Check Out, if you register damage or other issues, those issues will automatically be linked to both the order as well as the fleet management console.
  • Hours (or mileage) can easily be entered during Check In and/or Check Out.
Electronic Rental Agreements comes standard

Customize It To Fit Your Operations

One of the key objectives for the BookingCentral team, is to provide a powerful booking  and operations platform that adapts to your business processes. The Check In / Check Out is no exception.

  • Check In and Check Out flows can easily be customized to have the steps that you want, in the order you want it.
  • Multi-Flows, e.g. Office Check In and Dock Check In is fully supported
  • Check In and Check Out flows can be customized for each location.
  • Florida Boat Rental Operators can utilize the built-in Pre-Rental Instruction and Attestation Form and Renter’s Insurance functionality to be compliant with SB 606  (Florida Boating Safety Law).


Your business is your lifeline. With automated Check In / Check Out it’s easy to ensure that all the important steps get covered. You’ll also get a complete history of who did what and when. Your customers will appreciate how organized and prepared you are with every rental booking, leading to better reviews and more customers.


Give us a call today and see it for yourself.

Apr 9, 2024
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