he most used phase for the year 2020 will likely be "Social Distancing". It's everywhere we look in the media, and for good reason. This year's pandemic has changed the way we think and interact with others.

As a rental or tour operator, you're likely considering changes with your business to include more exclusive, private tours. Visitors will want to travel and get once once they are able, but they'll also want the assurance that visiting your area will be safe. What a better assurance than offering Private Tours and Activities.

Private Tours offer many benefits to both your customers and your wallet. Let's explore key reasons and discover tips to start offering them today.

Private Tours garner a premium price. They should and customers will understand this. You’re blocking out a portion of your day to cater to a group, and in light of this, you are agreeing to not sell any other tickets. For this reason, you can charge more for a private tour than you would for selling individual tickets.

To complement the exclusive service that comes along with a private tour or rental, you can earn more by offering special add-ons such as lunch options, photo package, or a GoPro rental. Adventure seekers will appreciate the added options to enhance their experience.

Safety is Top Priority. Now more than ever, tour seekers will want that private experience with their family. This will ensure social distancing among other groups and keep your guests and staff protected. As people are ready to get out, they will be more inclined to book a tour with your knowing the experience with not only be private, but also safe. Ensure that your business has clear guidelines in place, and advertise on your website and any other print documentation.

Consider offering Self-Guided tours. If it’s possible with your tour types, this is a good option to allow your customers to venture out on their own. Create a fun, customized tour for your customers.  If it’s a kayak tour, set a cool course that they can follow, and be sure to include important points of interest to look out for on their tour.

At BookingCentral, we make it easy for rental and tour operators to setup their private tours for booking. You have two options:

  • Set the Tour to be Private for every booking.
  • Set the Tour to have a Private option for customers to book if they want to make a tour private. This means that you can sell both individual tickets or a private ticket as long as there is availability.

Next, let's talk Important tips to offer the best experience.

Train your Guides to be the Best. For guided private tours, ensure that the tour guide is informed and educated on the new guidelines for keeping a safe distance. Offer a short training with summer employees that are giving the tours so they are well versed on how to act, and how to answer questions.

Go Contactless with Bookings and Payments. Partner with a booking system, like BookingCentral, that will allow you to setup these tour types and take payment prior to arrival. This will ensure the least amount of face to face contact between you and your customers.

Communication is Key. On the flip side, ensure you have great communication with your customers using the automatic email notifications that your booking system offers. ¬†BookingCentral provides 2 opportunities to communicate with your customers using a confirmation email and a reminder email. ¬†You can also continue with the communication by sending a ‚Äėthank you for visiting‚Äô email after their activity. ¬†Customize the email to include key details such as:

  • Where to meet
  • What to bring
  • How to reach you
  • New guidelines for social distancing
  • Terms & Conditions

Want to know more about the benefits of private tours and activities? Reach out to our team to find out how BookingCentral can help you with your online bookings. We've been working with rental and tour operators for more than 10 years. We'd love to have you on board.

Jun 9, 2020
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