n your business, the experience is what brings customers to your location.  In order to garner more customers, you want to be able to sell your rentals, tour or activities by showing off what you offer on your website.  We already know that having great pictures is important, equally as important is your descriptions.  Let's look at a few tips on how to write great descriptions of your products in order to get more people to book with you.

Avoid the Fluff, Stick to the Details. Sometimes when we are struggling for our words, we use phrases such as 'excellent tour', or 'fun filled boat ride' .  These are fluff words that don't actually describe your rental or tour in a way that is enticing to the potential customer.  Giving more specific details of the rental or activity will show the customer the benefits of booking with you.  Using bullet points and sections will allow the customer to quickly see what they are getting.  These specifics will speak to the quality of your service.

Appeal to your Ideal Customer. When writing a description of your products, simply giving the 'specs' may not be enough.  Consider the type of people that utilize your service and write to them.  A good exercise is to imagine the customer is there in person, and you ask and answer the questions about your rental or tour.  Use this information to write a great description.

Tell a Story.  Stories help a customer imagine the experience they will have when they book with you.  When writing use a natural tone to describe your service as if you were telling a close friend.  Include a quick story about a recent trip, or use an excerpt of a review from a customer.  When a potential renter can know what it will be like to rent with you based on a story, it will help them connect with the experience and increase the likelihood that they will choose you.

Get 'em with Sensory words.  While fluffy words, like 'excellent' and 'fun' are often bypassed in a product description.  Sensory words will engage the reader's brain power, and help them experience what they are reading.

Describing a kayak tour?  Think of words that not only speak to the sights, but also the smell and feel of what a customer will experience on the tour.  "Catch the sweet smell of lilacs as you soar through the glass-like waters.  The luring lake breeze will soothe you in this early morning tour."  Need some inspiration?  Check out these tips from Enchanted Marketing on different sensory words to use in your descriptions.

Use Superlatives and back it up.  Exclaiming that your offerings are the best is one thing, and certainly can be used if you have the points to back it up.  Assuming that you do, then it's okay to claim that you are the 'area's best rental shop'.  Support your claim by providing the feedback and reviews you've received from happy customers.  This is what a new customer wants to see, and goes a long way in proving you truly are the best at what you do.

Want to know more about BookingCentral?  We offer an online booking system and reservation management system to tours, activities, and rental businesses.  Our system is simple to setup and use.  Partner with us as we work to support you and the success of your business.


Apr 13, 2020
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