orking for a busy rental or tour company is rewarding. You are able to interact with customers each day and get them ready and excited to enjoy the day with you. As an employee of a rental, tour or activity business, it’s likely a big portion of your earnings are from gratuities. However, you may be missing out on getting more tips when there is not a process in place that makes it easy for your customers to add gratuity to their bookings.

Missing out on tips can happen for a few reasons:

  • The customer doesn’t know that they can (and should!) tip you for your hard work.
  • The customer doesn’t have an easy way to pay the gratuity. No cash shouldn’t mean no tip!
  • There is not a mandatory gratuity option for larger groups.

At BookingCentral, we’ve addressed these pain points with our Gratuity feature. You and your boss will be happy to easily automate the ‘tip jar’, so you know that your hard work is appreciated and compensated. Learn the 3 ways that the booking platform supports your earning potential.

Gratuity can be added during the Check Out process.

When the boat or activity is completed, you can check out the customer to include checklist items, any additional charges (fuel, drinks), and gratuity. Checkout on your preferred device (phone, iPad) makes it simple for you to share it with your customer to complete the process by adding gratuity, their signature and pay the final balance. The gratuity can be added to the card on file or it can be charged to a new card. No cash is needed! The process is quick and easy for the customer.

Gratuity Screen at Check Out

Offer a No Obligation Tip option at the time of booking

Sometimes you’ll have customers who want to pay the tip up front, and we’ve added a way to ask for gratuity at the time of booking. As an optional choice, there is no obligation for this, but is available for those that prefer to get it out of the way in the beginning. This could be common for returning customers that come every year. They know you and your staff, and are happy to provide the tip up front.  And for those that want to wait until the end of the activity, they will get that opportunity during the Check out process. Giving these choices meets the needs of your different types of customers.

Gratuity added to a booking

Gratuity can be added automatically for larger groups

Managing tours or rentals can mean that you have to handle large groups upon check in. Adding a mandatory gratuity option for larger groups takes care of this at the time of booking. This ensures that you do get your proper tip and the customer doesn’t have to worry about gathering tips from the group at the end of their activity. It’s already done!

Mandatory gratuity for larger groups

Share these tips with your boss today! They know that hiring great employees means they want to keep you on staff. And we know that increasing your earning potential with more tips will help that. If you are current BookingCentral user that is not using this feature or a business that wants to know how to take advantage of our booking platform, reach out to our team of experts today. We’ll be happy to share more tools about how we partner with you by providing a booking platform that supports your business in every way.

Jun 13, 2023
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